Aidan Kelly (born 26 August 1996) attended CTYI from 2012 to 2014, where he attended Session 1 solely. Known mainly for, among other things, his height, his accent, his widely varying hairstyles, his dancing (either in discos or in public), his kind, caring, approachable personality and his love life in CTYI.


Aidan was born and raised in Co. Meath. He moved to Co. Carlow at the age of five, where he has spent his life thus far. He has been involved in scouts and in performance arts from a young age, attending the local scout group and stage school, where he took an interest in poetry, singing, dance and acting. His love of poetry and prose would spark his interest in English, and expand his knowledge to the point where he would be considered talented. His love of singing and vocal training also helped him become involved in two bands.

Aidan discovered CTYI through the DATS aptitude test, taken schoolwide while he was in his third year of secondary school. The guidance counsellor held a meeting for those who achieved ninety or above in any category, and from there he applied for the test. He was one of two of the original twelve chosen to sit the PSAT to succeed.

Session 1, 2012

At the beginning of CTYI, he encountered Jonny Beavis, who he mistook as his roommate. The two formed a strong friendship, and Jonny would later go on to become a legend in his own right. He endeavoured to become friends with as many people. He would later go on to admit that he was totally overwhelmed with love of the place that he kept constant contact with the people he met, even those that did not themselves return to the programme.


His hairstyle was shorter than usual having been forced to have it cut pre-session. It was short, but floppy, and vaguely bowl-cut like.


He went out with Roisín O' Sullivan in Session 1, from the first disco until the last.

Session 1, 2013