The CTYI novel is produced every year by the Novel Writing class.

2012 - Once Upon an Asylum by Several People

To quote one Ross Halpin, "If you put twenty monkeys at twenty computers for two days, they'll write a shit novel" and indeed to test this maxim Novel Writing took twenty-two highly advanced monkeys and put them, most of the time, at twenty-two computers. The result was the monkeys spun a modern fantasy tale with fourty-four chapters and a diverse cast of characters. The premise is this: fairy tales are not real, save the characters, who are actually lunatics residing in an asylum. One day the asylum brings in a machine that allows them to live their delusions as reality in a simulated fairy tale world, so as to help them. While initially a dream land, the 'Fable World' rapidly declines as the characters' demons take control, and the machine takes control of the doctors. Featuring Snow White the paranoid narcissist, the Big Bad Wolf the cannibalistic maniac, Rumplestiltskin the sociopathic manipulator, Bambi the boy who thinks he's a deer, Prince Charming the all-consuming womaniser, and a great many others besides. Ever wanted to see if twenty-two different people can all write the same novel? Well now you can!