There are a number of chants shouted throughout CTYI, usually in the opening/closing ceremonies, but also when a big group of students are together in one place

To anyone who's adding a chant:

Please, please, please put your chant in the right section. Most likely, it will be an in-joke. Don't put it in minor, unless a good amount of people chant it


Please don't put any chants here, unless they

  1. have been here for at least two years
  2. are responded by almost everyone, if not everyone
  3. are uttered in both sessions
Chant Response Origin Notes
Old Man Gay Porn Usually First
Elderly Gentleman Homosexual Pornography Usually preceded by Old Man
Have you ever wanted to kick a baby? In the Face! "DJ" substituted for "Baby" on occasion after discos
Single Female Lawyer Having lots of Sex
Nothing But Shorts [1]


Please put chants here, unless a certain group of people only would get them

Chant Response Origin Notes
Too Hot Hot Damn Uptown Funk 2015 only mostly
What team? Wildcats High School Musical Can be repeated twice more as in the movie
Wildcats! Get your head in the game High School Musical Usually done after the chant above repeated thrice
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Bohemian Rhapsody Can be used with just about any lyrics from the song, or can be continued.
Ayofam What do blad Music Production, Session 1, 2015?
Merry Christmas From Vladimir Putin From 'The Putin Song' in the Session 1 Talent Show 2015 Taken from the first line of the Putin Song. By Kate O'Donovan and Molly O'Gorman.
Sports Sports Spoooorts Sports



Sports; Hugh Ó Laoide, Darragh Mathews and Conor Bergin.

Proteintials; Rory Clarke and Stephen Loftus.

These lads were in no way sportingly talented.

Proteintial refers to someone who has "protein potential".


Please put all chants here that only a small group of people would get

Chant Response Origin Group Notes
Where do you put the popcorn? In the Toaster! Banter Bus Andrew's RA Group, Session 1, 2015 Reference to the microwaveable popcorn incident
Is that popcorn? Lightly toasted! Proposed on CTYIzens Facebook group
Any 7's? Go Fish! Marine Biology Banter Marine Biology
What team? Mildcats! Matt's RA group 2015
Too hot Hot Dan! Daniel's RA group 2015
Above average! Adequate! Debate over how 'good' of an RA Cahul was. Cahul's RA group 2016
Glory to John! Death to his enemies! John's RA group 2016