Criminology Gangs

After one class where Katie (one of the Instructors) talked about Gangs, Girl Gangs and Juvenile Gangs, the Criminology class of 2015 split into gangs. These gangs could be easily identified with the way they sat in their classroom (CG12 in the Henry Gratten Building),because their instructors, Edel and Katie never assigned seats and the room was a large curved lecture room so there was always loads of seats empty.

The Girl Gang

The first gang was the Girl Gang which consisted of:

  • Odilia
  • Brigid
  • Sarah C
  • Lara
  • Roisin
  • Aoife
  • Finn (yes Finn is a boy and yes he is very proud to be in the Girl Gang)

Maura the TA is also apart of the Girl Gang and completed many inside jobs for the gang. Edel is an affiliate of the Girl Gang but cannot be a member for legal reasons

The Girl Gang is also known as the Cider Gang.

The Atomic Cartel

The second gang was The Atomic Cartel which consisted of:

  • Theo
  • Karen
  • Bronagh

Theo was the Gang leader, and Karen and Bronagh were joint second-in-command

Note: This gang was originally called The Sexy Threesome but had to be changed after it was deemed too inappropriate by the class TA Maura

The Third Gang (unknown name)

There was a Third Gang which was made up of:

Ciara and Cian.

Knutsack Alliances

There was a lot of rivalry between the Girl Gang and The Atomic Cartel due to the tension between Finn and Theo. Whenever there was Knutsack as an activity you would be sure to see the Atomic Cartel there and if The Girl Gang showed up then the Atomic Cartel would always target Finn first

Another two boys (Hugh and Denis) who were in Criminology and a different lad called Diarmuid (who was not in Criminology) would often team up with the Atomic Cartel in Knutsack if they participated.

Note: it was never clear what team Denis was on as he tended to form many alliances at the start of the game.