A floorgy [plural floorgies] is defined as a group of people lying down on top of each other, generally with heads lain on legs or bellies. While not technically indigenous to CTYI, it is believed that the name originated in CTY, while other groups call it things such as 'The Big Lie-Down'. As of 2015 -and technically as of forever- floorgies are officially prohibited by CTYI, but that doesn't stop them existing.

Spin-Off Terms

A floorgy wouldn't be a floorgy without some lewd phrases to accompany it. This list is by no means exhaustive as technically one can just make a portmanteau of any word and ''floor'' on the spot; however, among the most often used include:

Flondom - An appropriate means of protecting oneself against FTIs [floor transmitted infections]

Flonnorhea, flyphillis, flerpes, FLAIDS, flamydia - Some of the more common of the above mentioned FTIs

Floorgasm - The desired effect from a floorgy, achieved at the end of the floorgy or occasionally at several points throughout.

Interesting Occurences

In session 1 2015, RAs attempted to break up a group of people lying down in a fashion identical to that employed in floorgies until they were assured that it was NOT in fact a floorgy.