Kevin Fletcher (also known widely in 2012 as Eircom) attended CTYI from 2012 to 2015 in session 1 exclusively. Noteworthy both by his involvement in an advertisement for terrible communications company Eircom and by his general all-round beautiful soul-ness, Kevin is a gifted saxophone player and key contributor to the snapple pyramid tradition

Session 1 2012

For his first session, Kevin did Computer Gaming under RA Conor Bates. He was immediately identified as ''Eircom'' and hailed as the saviour of all technology. As a Computer Gaming student, Kevin had other responsibilities. In a class on how to pitch a fictitious video game, Kevin's group comprising himself, Roderic Comyn and Daire O'Bruachaill - using a random word generator - got 4 words: boondocker; ribbonwood; tortuosity; and beanfeast. What happened next, no one could have predicted. Playing the protagonist Roderic (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), the objective was to ride on a snowmobile called Lawrence through the solar system. Defecating paused the game. While there was no end goal mentioned, we are assured that it's really, REALLY good.

Session 1 2013

This session, Kevin did a Computers and Animation course. With

Session 1 2014

Cutting edge science

Session 1 2015

Game theory

Kevin also built the 2015 snapple tower for session 1, along with Conal Gilliland, Kevin Cummins, James Kirwan and Eoin 'Skrub Lorde/Grill Gaemr/Shia Tpusting/Ed Jee/Eon' O'Donnell.

This year Kevin hosted the Talent Show alongside Tuan Wadding Hayes and Fergal Lonergan, as a substitute for Nitai Block who had developed a fever a few hours before the actual event. Despite only being given the notes two hours before the start of the show, he was met with positive review from the audience, particularly with his surprise act playing the ''Pink Panther'' theme.