Pirate Wednesday!

Pirate Wednesday!

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Session 2 2012

Loafers (real name Mark Laherty) went to CTYI from 2009 to 2012, primarily attending Session 2. He didn't particularly contribute anything to CTYI but everyone seemed to love him.

Session 2 '09

First time at CTYI. Studied 21st Century Skills. Was given the nickname Loafers for always wearing loafers, ie. strapless semi-formal shoes.

Session 2 '10

Took Game Theory, where he met Pirate Deco. The captain's fondness for him was his first step towards noteriety. This was solidified by his (noticeably white) rendition of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme, which was enough of a hit to be included as an extra closing act to the talent show despite not making the cut.

Session 1 '11

Loafers was bi-sessional in 2011. His so-called 'legend' status didn't carry over to the other session, although he had just as great a time. He played Little Timmy's abusive father in the Write Act Perform stage adaptation of Gingey Monaghan's The Secret Adventures of Stalin.

Session 2 '11

This session saw the creation of his theme tune by Pirate Deco and Matt Murtagh: "Loafers, of the Hill People, da-da-da-da!" followed by Loafers addressing his subjects: "Greetings!" while making the Spock gesture. The pair dragged Loafers up from his lunch and brought him around to every table in the canteen to perform this theme, instantly making it viral. The theme and the rap led to his full title of 'Loafers, Fresh Prince of the Hill People'. It was decided at a 2013 reunion that this could be shortened for brevity to 'Frincegasm Loafers'.

A 'Wanted' poster designed by Rollo Montgomery Konig-Brock in 2011. This comes in its regular form and in a variant form referring to "sexual molestation"; Loafers continues to be super-not-okay with the latter, but loves the former.

Loafers returned to the talent show with the Fresh Prince theme by public demand.

Session 2 '12

Loafers took Journalism and contributed several articles to that year's CTYI newspaper The Surprise Ham (the title being a reference to a popular meme). Notable pieces include his interview with himself and his Nevermore Thoughts.

He won the paper's award for Most Disturbing Outfit for his attempt at crossdressing on Open-Minded Tuesday.

Life as a Forevermore

Loafers maintains close friendships with many people he met through CTYI. He now studies Arts with Creative Writing at NUI Galway.

He makes YouTube videos at: and has a gaming channel at