The Book Of Eamonn: Revision 239

Eamonn is Love, Eamonn is Life.

Eamonn is Love, Eamonn is Life

Eamonn Caroll was just a simple man until he became the RA of a group of students in 2014. They made him their god and everyone at ctyi must refer to him as Lord Eamonn. When you are praying to Eamonn instead of saying amen you must say Ea-monn. Every night to worship the Lord everyone takes part in a type of mass called "Corridor Social Time" from 10.00 - 10.30.

Quote from the book of Eamonn:

Verse 1 of the litany of Eamonn. "Eamonn is love, Eamonn is life...Ea-monn"

Verse 6 of the litany of Eamonn. "Ah lads.. Thats not on!...Ea-monn"

The Commandments of Eamonn.

1.Thou shalt not use a science machine to prepare popped sustainance in the house of Eamonn.

Translation :"No microwaving popcorn in the corridor!"