Throughout this wiki the reader will find terms such as newbie or nevermore thrown into articles. This one explains what they are. You presumably have guessed that they are people and maybe even what the names mean. For those of you that haven't, allow me explain you a thing: 


Unlike the various American CTYs, CTYI has no problem with calling fellow students "new", "newbies", "n00bs" or anything similar. Good news for us! The term "newbie" simply refers to someone in their first session. This applies both to session one and session two. 

A rough approximation of a hollow "ghost" tear by someone who can't draw

Older students will often take on a newbie as their mentee (also known as "friend") to teach them the ways of themed days, floorgies and other such things.

Nevermores (also Ghosts)

Those in their last year. The word is taken from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven", a poem about devotion to someone or something until one's death. Rather morbidly, becoming a nevermore is the "death" of a student's CTY life, allowing them to take classes 'nevermore', even if their devotion to CTYI remains. Interestingly, if a nevermore is bisessional in their nevermore year, they are considered a nevermore in both sessions. This allows plenty of time for preparation of a session two speech, if not for session one.

At the last disco, nevermores are given a tear just below their eye. This tear is filled in black and remains on their face for the night and (for those who wish) for the campus-living part of the day the music died.

Nevermores also have a duty all CTYI discos to stand in the inner circle with their fellow nevermores, most prominently during American Pie. However, in session 1 of 2017, in The Great Nevermore Troll, a non-nevermore passed himself off for a nevermore during the song.

Pre-2011, ghosts were students who stayed past the original age limit of 16 by special allowance from Colm. They receive a black marker tear that has no colour filled in at the last disco. However, staying until 17 has become so commonplace that those who leave at 16 like the original nevermores are now considered no-mores.


A rough approximation of a filled-in tear by someone who can't draw


No-mores are students who unfortunately must leave before their time is up: those who do not come back before they are 17. A no-more can have only one session (in which case they are known as a newbiemore) or be bisessional for 5 years. The only requirement is that they do not turn 17 before or during their last session. The reasons for no-moredom are mainly to do with money or moving to a different country, though there are some who simply do not like CTYI and decide not to return.

At the last disco, no-mores do not receive a tear, though issues have been raised (and perhaps even acted upon) relating to the ghost tear being given to nevermores and the old nevermore tear reallocated to no-mores.