Pirate Pj

Famed for his commonly used malicious phrase "You suck!", Pj Nee became Resident Pirate in 2015 when Tom handed on the honour to him at the Candlelight Ceremony. He has attended CAT since 2013 and his first year at CTY was 2015. He has only attended Session 2.

He was part of the building of the Snapple Tower in Session 2 2015, a valuable member of the Snapple Squad. It should be noted that a Pjsexual is a person who is overwhelmingly attracted to people in pyjamas or Pj Nee. However is Pj was to wear pyjamas a Pjsexual would be disgusted in every way. He prides himself on being a legendary judge "pjustice". The activity "Pundoras Box" in 2015 can generally be regarded as his child.