RAs or Residential Assistants are the glue that pull the students of CTYI from their beds with their knocking and away from dinner with the promise of free bacon and other distractions. Each RA has a group and these groups get fiercely competitive - normally in jest.

RAs are in charge of scheduling 15:00-1700 activities, as well as weekend and evening activities. As such, we love them unconditionally.

RA Groups & Meetings

The RA group is a group of students of varying ages in the same 2-3 classes. RA groups are solely single-sex, as the members of this group typically live on the same corridor in Res.

RA Meetings are the time of day that laid-back CTYI students get to kick back and relax even more, letting someone else speak the business of the day and begging to be let out soon to take a break from the relaxation they must endure. 

In all seriousness, RA meetings are a time for the entire RA group (save some commuters who leave before the end of activities) to meet up, initially get to know each other and further test their RA's temper. Matters such as problems with rooms and weekend trips are dealt with here.

Also, they happen during dinner time in two slots half an hour apart, so that the canteen isn't overcrowded with students. 

RAs & Corridors

RAs are also responsible for their corridor of students (the residential students in their group) and so they make the rounds every morning to make sure that their students are awake. For the first few days, RA groups have meals with each other to encourage making friends. As well as the daily meetup described above, RA groups live on the same corridor and so have contact such as stealing each others' toasters and occasionally pranking their RA in a fun, safe way. 

The most important person in one's RA group is their roommate, the student (normally the same age if it can be helped) with which one shares a bathroom, a kitchen and two bedrooms with limited storage space.