On the Sunday preceding the start of a CTYI session, it is required that all residential students be brought/find their way to their rooms. These rooms are attached to each other by a kitchen and are - to use a liberal term - cosy. 

Despite the great array of locations for fun and devilment, some of the greatest times a CTYI student will have 


One of the two mirrored rooms in the Larkfield apartments in DCU

can be had in these small, easily-cleaned rooms.

The Question of Space

"Where is it?" was my first question of space in my room. Many students complicate matters further by "living out of the suitcase" - I urge you, do not. The wardrobe provides ample space for all clothes required over the three-week period, leaving your floor for important things like snapple bottles and dirty clothes.

Your Roommate

Almost a foregone conclusion: you and your roommate will become good friends who occasionally see each other getting dressed and make each other tea/toast. Roommates (if you get one) are always the same sex as and as close in terms of age as possible to each other, though classes can be different as there is more than one class represented in each R.A. group.

Roommates can be depended on for lock-outs (keep your kitchen door unlocked!) and fancy-dress zipping of outfits, as long as you do the same for them.

The bond between CTYI roommates is strong and often short-lived.