The last Friday of every session. Named after the last line of every verse of Don McLean's American Pie. A rather melodramatic goodbye to those students who became or remained friends during the course.

Passionfruit Ceremony

A time for the nevermores and no-mores of the session to stand in a circle, drink passionfruit juice (along with various acceptable alternatives) and talk about their feelings. The ceremony begins at some ungodly hour like 6am and comprises a speech given by all present in turn, with other early risers occasionally watching and listening in wonder from a safe distance. In session 1, there is normally some time afterwards to dispose of one's leftover food by bringing it to those who have assembled in the quad waiting to be let out for breakfast. In session 2 by the end of the ceremony, breakfast has begun and so the food sharing happens later.

Killing the Music


A CTYIzen chuffed at having gotten a note from an R.A. some months previous to the taking of this photo

Students typically spend the day sitting in circles with their suitcases, cleaning out their rooms completely and giving and getting notes from those students they've missed in the day previous.

Snapple pyramids are taken down in the morning the music died.

Students' guardians have the option of meeting with their instructor and TA , which affords the students a last hour of sweet bliss saying their goodbyes.

It is because of this day and the night preceding it that CTYizens use the phrase coined by Dr. Seuss: "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened".